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Certificates from the Population Information System as a self-service

Using this service, you can order certificates both for yourself and your dependants from the Finnish Population Information System. Certificates are subject to a fee.

Ordering a certificate

You can order certificates if
  • you can identify yourself in the service using Finnish identification tokens, such as online banking codes, and
  • you are a Finnish citizen or a current or former permanent resident of Finland. If you live in Åland, you cannot order certificates through this service.
What should I do if I cannot order certificates through this service?(Opens in a new window)

Order certificates independently

Using this service, you can order a residence, marriage, life, civil status and birth certificate. Always ask the party requesting the certificate what information the certificate must contain.

See the certificate templates on the website of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency(Opens in a new window) I have been requested to provide an extract from the population register (virkatodistus), what certificate should I order?(Opens in a new window) Answers to other frequently asked questions(Opens in a new window)

Delivery of the certificate

When you order a certificate for a Finnish actor, you will receive it as an electronic PDF document. No signature will be added to the certificate, and you cannot add a translation form or an Apostille certificate to it later. You can download the certificate as soon as you have made the payment. You can also order the certificate to Suomi.fi Messages. You can enable Suomi.fi Messages in connection with your order. Certificates will not be delivered by post or, for data protection reasons, by email. When you order a certificate for a foreign actor, it will be mailed to your home address on paper because certificates required abroad must usually be signed. You can also order an EU translation form or an Apostille. Which one you need depends on the area that you need the certificate for. If you live abroad, you will receive certificates as electronic PDF documents or by post to your home address, depending on whether you need a certificate for a Finnish actor or abroad.

Price list – Self service

You pay for the certificates when placing your order. You will need online banking IDs for the order or a credit card to pay for your application.
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